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what the hell.
So, I don't know how many of you work at a corporation that is heavily involved with providing "excellent customer service", but I'm about ready to slap a bitch. Customers at PetSmart are so ridiculous, especially where I live. It's almost like they come in knowing they are going to complain after they pick up their dog from the salon. Scammers are not cool.


I shaved my own dog today. She looks like a puppy again. My mother, on the other hand, almost cried. And I don't even live with her. Ha.

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Funny about your mom. hehehe

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Hugs and Love

Mistress Renata

She cried because you shaved the dog? O_o;

i like dogs too. we have 2 shitzhus and 2 choco lab at home. ;) let;s be friends~
i am bi though. if that's ok with you

oh man, yeah I currently work at trader joe's and although their deals are pretty sweet, working under like 40 managers def isn't.

I'm supposed to make each experience like memorable for the individual, but you can only smile and inquire about people's days for so many hours

I can't imagine working at pet smart though, I bet that's a whole other level of having to deal with customer tudes

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